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Enterprise IT Consulting

We offer professional IT consulting services: simple, plain, direct, transparent, hype-less but in the right mix of bleeding-edge and seriously stable. You know your business best. We know IT - and how to use this to sucessfully support and improve your business. We analyze your business-driven challenges and find and implement the right solutions for you. We fill the gap between Business Consultants and Soft/Hardware providers: With focus on your challenge (business driven) we find and implement the right solution for you.


We offer Project Management Services for all of your IT Projects: Hardware Refreshes, Storage Migrations, Datacenter Migrations/Moves. We have gathered experience in all these areas and can provide references upon request.

Business Processes

We are happy to analyze and understand your business processes, and derived from this create concepts with supporting IT to improve these processes. We will be happy to optimize your processes for all options that IT can give you to speedup and automate them.

Infrastructure and Architecture

We know how to create the right infrastructure for your project. We know about Hardware Infrastructure (Network, Servers, Storage, HPC) and we know about software architecture and how to design and combine everything to the best solution for you: in terms of budget, performance, maintenance and operating.

Software Development

We can support and fulfill all your projects also in terms of software development. With our own controlled software development department we can provide everything from small Microservices to monotholic Applications and Mobile Apps.


In the end and to summarize we are System integrators with extra abilities. We analyze the challenges and issues, provide concepts, solutions and are able to implement them for or together with you.

Some References

Big International Bank in Germany

We were challenged with a Financial Datawarehouse and and application that was doing risk management and reporting of all kinds of regulatory information. The application had Datawarehouse typical Jobs like "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly" etc. The calculation runtimes of these jobs were taking too much time. We analyzed the application and infrastructure, made concepts, budget and project plans and implemented the new solution with a runtime reduction of 75% - or performance boost of 350%. Further costs for hardware were cut down by 50% (compared to a 1:1 refresh of hard and software). Further the platform provides scalability for future growth. The Application was and still is written in SAS as batch jobs. The platform today includes standard servers of the preferred customers supplier, including NVMe over Fabric and InfiniBand. Total raw capicity of storage was close to 1PB.

Big Mobilephone Operator in Germany

The customer had the challenge to migrate his Datawarehouse which was distributed over several SUN 25K's to a new single machine. We introduced all required concepts for the already bought server, hardware virtualization, zoning, storage and Oracle Grid and supported the migration with guidance and education for the customers employees and providers.

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